Residential Services

On a typical home, your Heating and Air conditioning unit can be responsible for nearly half of your utility bills or more. New technology and government standards have made it necessary for HVAC manufacturers to provide better, more efficient units that can not only provide better comfort, but lower utility bills.

There are many heating and air conditioning systems to choose from today. Your Amana® brand dealer can draw on a vast degree of heating and air conditioning knowledge and experience to help you decide on the system that best fits your specific needs. The size and age of your home, as well as the number of rooms, climate, local and regional utility costs, and utility incentive/rebate programs are all factors that will affect the functionality and, therefore, selection of your system. Amana brand dealers, utilizing the latest technology, consider all these factors while assisting you in choosing the best system for your home.


Your home comfort system is most likely the single biggest use of energy in your home. In fact, over a third of the energy used in the United States is used to heat and cool buildings. Having a properly designed and installed heating and air conditioning system will have the biggest impact on your energy costs.

Custon Ductwork

When it comes to designing new systems, we are full-service. Not only can we evaluate your needs and recommend a system that is right for you. Our experts design the ductwork required, fabricate and install it. Our pricing is competitive, and we stand by our estimates.


Duct Sealing

Poorly installed or leaky ductwork not only accounts for 30% of your heating and cooling costs, it also allows contaminants to affect your indoor air quality. We offer repair service to seal up those leaky ducts to save you money and keep allergens out. We are fully licensed and insured and pride ourselves on leaving your home as clean as it was before we got there.


Our Energy-Saving Maintenance Agreement includes the following advantages:

1.24 hour emergency service

2.Guaranteed same day service

3.Never any overtime charges

4.15% discount on parts and repairs

5.Up to two energy saving tune-ups per year

6.Discounts on Insulation, Energy Audits and Equipment Replacements

7.Lower utility bills

8.Longer system life and fewer system breakdowns

9.Healthier indoor environment

10.A service company genuinely interested in providing honest service and quality work

Maintenance Agreements:

Up to 5 Tons $139.00 1st system / $103.00 each additional system

Over 5 Tons $139.00 per system

Home Air Tightness Testing
Blower Door Testing-We may recommend a diagnostic test using an instrument called an Infiltrometer blower door to precisely measure your home’s “air infiltration” rate and identifies the major energy leaks: where hot or cold outside air enters and your conditioned air escapes.